Model Horse Ads was created in 2017 by  Horsing Around to give the model horse community an online marketplace to sell hobby related products.


We wanted to give people in the hobby a simple trustworthy marketplace to buy and sell their merchandise, but also the versatility to run auctions and have their own eCommerce store all in one place.

The advantage of using Model Horse Ads is that it is a dedicated space which means that your items won’t be lost in the clutter that typically clogs other online marketplaces. When someone wants a model horse hobby related product, they come to Model Horse Ads.


When we looked at the typical online auction sites we saw that sellers could be paying fees of up to 10% to sell their items.

With eCommerce sites we saw that sellers would not only be paying a monthly/annual hosting fee, but they would also be paying additional listing fees if the using an auction site, or another sales site.

At Model Horse Ads we understand that all those fees ad up and customers can’t find your products easily as they are scattered over numerous web sites. This is why we wanted to offer something different, affordable, a solution where you can have all your sales listings, auctions, or both just in one place.


We believe a safe community is a happy community and this is why Model Horse Ads takes the security of all its users very seriously. Every seller,or buyer, must be verified before they can sell or buy a single item. 

We also run a reputation program so successfully completed transactions earn buyers/sellers a higher trust status which is reflected in their star ratings.